2nd Conference - 1993

After successfull conduct of the 1st conference, the members of the Council were very much enthusiastic to organise the 2nd conference in Nepal and it was done. The conference was held for two days - 13th & 14th March, 1993 at Chandraguri in Jhapa dist. of Nepal. Mr. Krishna Prasad Sitola, a prominent Minister of Nepal Govt. blessed the conference with his presence and help in many ways. Altogether 276 delegates mostly from India and Nepal participated in the conference, under the active role of Mr. Tursa Hembrom and Jayram Murmu of Nepal. Meaningfull discussion took place on the Santali Language and Literature. Most important thing to be noted here that after the 2nd conference in Nepal the Santal community of Nepal were recognised as citizens and many previlages and facilities were extended to them by the Nepal Govt. It was really a good achievement for the Santals of Nepal in particular.


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