5th Conference - 2010

The 5th conference was organised at Birat Nagar, Morong District of Nepal, for two days from 23rd to 24th April 2010 which was presided over by Prithibi Majhi, Cabinet Minister of Assam & President of the ISC, and the prominent speakers were Mr Ram Chandra Hansda, MLA Odisha, Surya Singh Besra, Ex MLA, Bihar, Dr. Dhuni Soren, Dr. Anand Mohan Besra, K. C. Murmu, Advocate, Fagu Soren, Advocate and many others.

In this conference two Santal social and community workers, Baij Nath Soren, India & Tursa Hembrom of Nepal, were honoured posthumously for their outstanding work for the people in general and Santal in particular.

It is to be mentioned that two Minister of Nepal Govt. were present in its validictory session/open mission. Most important thing to mention here that President & Prime Minister of Nepal blessed the conference with their message incorporated in the Souvenir published on this occasion. Among the members of organising committee, under the chairperson Mrs. Jubba Soren, MP (Constituent Assembly,Nepal), Jayram Murmu, Mohan Tudu, Mrs. Joba Murmu, worked hard to make the conference successful. In all 496 delegates mostly from Nepal & India and Prof. S.C. Albert Soren, Bangladesh represented his country.

Conference was ended with a mission to hold the next conference i.e 6th conference in Bangladesh next time but it could not be materialised for some technical legal problems. However, four executive members under the leadership of D.C. Murmu, Sr. Vise President visited Bangladesh to find out the problems therein but could not be successful, other members were Fagu Soren, Advocate, K. C. Murmu, Advocate, and Kushal Hansda were in the mission to Bangladesh.


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