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As we all know, Ranchi University was created in 1960. With the establishment of Ranchi University, the Tribal and Regional Languages Deptt. came into its existence. Dr. Ram Dayal  Munda was appointed as Director of this Deptt. who later became V.C. of Ranchi University for sometime. 
As a part of duty and responsibility, Profs. of Tribal and Regional Languages Deptt. along with other Profs. of Ranchi University and some social organisations organised, 1st time the "National Santali Language & Literature" Conference under its banner atL.B.S.M. College Karandih. The Conference was Patronised by the V.C. of Ranchi University and Dr. Munda, while Prof. Digambar Hansda was Chairman of the organising committee. Other members of the organising committee are - All Professors, Karu Majhi and Somay Majhi, L.B.S.M. College, Natua Hansda, Technical Education Deptt., K.C. Tudu, Tribal and Regional Languages, Ranchi, Harihar Hansda, K.S. College Saraikela, S.C.Hembrom, Baharagora College, K.M. Hansda, Ghatsila College, S.R. Majhi, S.K. College, Musabani, P. Hansda, Chandil Collegeand Baleya Murmu, Chhotanagpur College Haludpukhur. Besides, Dr. Chhotray Baskey, ASECA, Bihar, Mr. Bhogla Soren, AISWA, Sano Murmu, SSP, Jamshedpur, Mr. Baij Nath Soren, Santal Mahal and Mr. Ganesh Murmu of UGC, JRF - (New Delhi). The Topic for deliberation in the conference was restricted to "Santali Language & Literature" only.
This National Santali Language & Literature conferecne was really an eye opener, inspiration, guiding source and force for formation of International Santal Council. Hence, it was strongly felt that Santal population is not only in India but community people are inhabited in Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Mouritious and many other countries of the World. The community certainly needs a platform for unity and discussion on the matters of their interest, Identity and existence. Such as, Santali language and literature (Socio-administration-custom & usages, culture, rite and rituals related to their Sarna Religion and various problems faced by the community in India and other countries ie. education, economic and health etc.). The subjects/ topics under bracket were added in its the 4th, 5th and 6th conferecne).
Keeping these points in view International Santal Council was formed in 1990-91 with its head office Dishom Jaherthan Complex, Karandih, Jamshedpur, India and Prof. Digambar Hansda was nominated as President, Baij Nath Soren as Gen. Secretary. Among prominent members are K. K. Murmu, C. R. Majhi, Rajaram Hansdah, Mr. B. M. Murmu, Jiten Mardi and many others including the members of Nepal and Bangladesh who worked hard, sincerely and contributed a lot for establishment of International Santal Council. The age of this Council is now 23 years. During this long period Council had to face many challanges, ups and down. Overcoming all the hurdles, ISC has been working well due to the vigour and zeal of the members. ISC is surviving with its activities, aims and objectives it is a matter of pride for all of us.


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